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Every day we pass by murals. They can be found on walls and other outside structures, and often school yards. Most of us might only glance at them, perhaps subconsciously noting the images they project. But what do these murals say? What relevance to the community these historical reminders, scenes, tragedies and much more? Perhaps we wonder who created them. But all too often we rush by, too busy to stop and consider the value of these public works of art. Through a compilation of panoramic photographs, this book will walk you through dozens of neighborhoods and suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, and show you over 400 urban murals painted between 1969 and 2016. This engaging and provocative book provides a map and addresses. Neighborhoods and cities are listed alphabetically allowing easy navigation. It provides an index of over 250 artists, and when possible, the dates of murals’ creation. These photographs were taken between 2012 and 2016.